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Key features of the Vertical pellet mill

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Vertical pellet mill is the key equipment in feed production, its function and configuration directly determine the value of feed production line. Under the same formula and process, whoever can improve the overall efficiency of the Vertical pellet mill can win direct economic benefits for the feed mill.

In the case of the same formula and feed specifications, its pelleting output is high, the powder ratio is low, the feed appearance quality is good (cutting rate, uniform thickness, consistent length), the pellet stability is good, and the feeding effect is good.

Vertical pellet mill

The vertical pellet mill operates smoothly, is safe and reliable, has hygienic sealing of each interface, low failure rate, long working hours of ring molding rollers, high degree of automation and convenient maintenance.

Vertical pellet mill can adapt to feed pelleting requirements of different materials and formulas when equipped with corresponding processing technology (tempering temperature, water content, ring die compression ratio).