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Three common problems in the granulation process of Intelligent pellet mill

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Some users have reported that during the use of the Intelligent pellet mill, problems such as excessive particle size, uneven particle size, and rollers often occur, which affect the granulation process. The reasons are as follows:

The particles are hard. According to industry insiders, during the granulation process of the Intelligent pellet mill, if the pressure of the pressing roller is too high, the dried granules will be too hard. If the tablet is the next step, because the dried granules are too hard, the compressibility is lost, and when the tablet is compressed, the machine will generate a lot of vibration due to the high pressure of the compression molding. If it is a capsule, because the granules are too dry and too hard, the compressibility is lost, so that the capsule cannot withstand the compression of the granules and materials during the filling process, making the load difference far exceed the standard.

Intelligent pellet mill

Particle size uniformity. In order to solve the problem of uniform particle distribution in the tableting process of the Intelligent pellet mill, the following aspects need to be considered: ensure uniform mixing under high-speed stirring; control the fine powder below 80 mesh within a certain range; use a forced feeding device during tableting, Prevents delamination. With reasonable consideration of the above factors, the uniformity of the product can be well controlled.

Roll problem. The intelligent pellet mill has cooling water in the roller, and a dynamic sealing device in the cooling water pipe, but this device has been used for a long time.