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Detailed introduction of double shaft hammer mill

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Double shaft hammer mill is a common mechanical equipment, mainly used for crushing raw materials with small and medium particles. It uses the rotation and impact of the hammer head to achieve the purpose of crushing, and it is an indispensable equipment in the processing, manufacturing and mining industries.

double shaft hammer mill

Features of double shaft hammer mill:

Double shaft hammer mill has the characteristics of simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance, easy operation, energy saving and environmental protection. It can also greatly improve the efficiency and crushing quality of particle crushing, make the quality of crushed materials more uniform and stable, and better meet the requirements of crushing processing and production. In addition, Double shaft hammer mill can be widely used in manufacturing industry and mine production, such as cement manufacturing, building material processing and mineral extraction and other fields.

How the double shaft hammer mill works:

1. Hammer head rotation and impact: Double shaft hammer mill has two horizontal shafts, and the hammer head is installed at the end of each shaft. When the hammer heads rotate at high speed, the collision and rebound between the hammer heads will break the material into smaller particles.

2. Classification and screening: In the double shaft hammer mill, the materials are collected into the classification and screening area due to the action of centrifugal force at the same time as the hammer hits, and the materials after particle crushing are separated and discharged through the outlet.

Precautions for double shaft hammer mill:

1. Maintenance and maintenance: Daily maintenance and regular maintenance are the key to ensure the efficient operation of Double shaft hammer mill. After use, it is necessary to clean up, maintain and check the status of the equipment in time, and maintain and repair the equipment.

2. Installation and operation: Double shaft hammer mill needs to be placed on a stable ground. During use, the operation must be strictly in accordance with the regulations and operating instructions. Do not overload to avoid equipment failure or damage.

3. Pay attention to safety: When using Double shaft hammer mill, you must pay attention to the safety of operators. Operators must wear safety equipment that meets the regulations. In addition, during processing, if the equipment is found to be abnormal, it must be stopped immediately for inspection and corresponding measures must be taken.

To sum up, Double shaft hammer mill is an important crushing equipment, which can not only improve processing efficiency and product quality, but also can be widely used in manufacturing, construction and mining production and other fields. When using, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance, installation and operation procedures of the equipment, and pay attention to ensuring the safety of the operator.