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Log debarker's product knowledge introduction!

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Log debarker belongs to a series of wood processing machinery products. The debarker is usually a wooden cylinder. It is one of the most common types of wood processing machinery. The wheel on either side of the cylinder is the main rotary-action component. As it turns the wheels, it pushes the pulley back to stop the rotary process. All these components revolve at different speeds and the whole process of taking the wood debarked into the final product is a sort of perpetual motion machine.The wood being debarked into paper will be subjected to a different process than that in which it was originally manufactured. However as the wood is essentially the same, it is not a very important difference.

Log debarker is suitable for plywood factories, veneer factories, lumber mills, etc. A debarker is usually a large piece of wood or plywood cut to a consistent cut width and length, and is cut from the same timber. Debarker is used as a way to shorten the path a piece of plywood must travel and to shorten the length the same piece of plywood must take to reach a finish surface. The plywood is then cut to a shape, and is moved over the debarker and into shape.