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Introduction of customized Horizontal Grinder on sales: Operating knowledge of the grinder!

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Do you know the safe operation knowledge of the grinder? Follow the editor of customized Horizontal Grinder on sales to have a simple understanding!
1. Before work, check machinery, electrical appliances, protective devices, dust collectors, work cards and measuring tools, etc., and they need to be in a complete and good condition.
2. After manually inspecting each part, run the car empty, check the longitudinal reciprocating movement of the grinding head, and work after confirming that it is normal.
3. Before work, according to the grinding length of the workpiece, manually adjust the position of the reversing stopper and tighten it.

4. When the machine tool is working, the pressure of the hydraulic system should not exceed the specified value range. The oil temperature should not exceed 50℃. When there is air in the oil cylinder, the grinding head should go back and forth several times with the maximum stroke to exhaust.
5. The machine tool does not have an automatic and manual interlocking mechanism for longitudinal movement, and when hydraulic automatic reciprocating movement is used, the handle needs to be pulled out.
6. Check the fixture, the fastening of the workpiece, the balance fastening of the grinding wheel and the tightness of the belt frequently during the work. Blunt grinding wheel should be repaired in time.
7. When dressing the grinding wheel, the diamond knife is fixed on the special bracket, and it is strictly prohibited to hit it during operation, and protective glasses should be worn.
8. When the grinding wheel is not separated from the workpiece, it is not allowed to stop.
9. The replacement of the grinding wheel should comply with the general safety regulations of the miller.
10. Do not touch the workpiece during grinding or transfer things through the moving part.
11. Stop the machine when adjusting, repairing, lubricating, and wiping the machine.
The above is the introduction of the editor of customized Horizontal Grinder on sales: an introduction to the safe operation of the grinder.