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Tips about Intelligent pellet mill For sale before debugging

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Generally speaking, the particles made by dry intelligent pellet mill For sale have irregular shapes, uniform particle size distribution, perfect structure than other traditional granulation processes, strong compressibility, good solubility, and moderate moisture permeability. Under different granulating speeds, the particle size of the particles is between 12 and 100 meshes, and the distribution range can be obtained by choosing different granulating paddle speeds and stirring paddle speeds (when the granulating paddle speed is slow, the particle size becomes larger, and the speed is gradually Speed ​​up and the particle size gradually decreases; when the speed of the stirring blade is slow, the particle size is small, the speed gradually becomes faster and the particle size gradually increases. The two functions are just opposite. Then you know the Intelligent pellet mill For sale debugging What are the preparatory work and the empty vehicle test? Let’s take a look at it briefly!

1. Check whether the electricity, gas and water in the workshop are in place and in a standby state.
2. Turn the potentiometer switch on the operation panel counterclockwise to the slow speed position.
3. Since the lid cannot be opened during operation, it will automatically stop after opening the lid to ensure safety, so it must be set before it can be started. Observe and check the stirring blade from the lid of the pot, first press the stirring blade start button (green) to observe the steering of the stirring blade-it should be turned counterclockwise. start up. If there is abnormal noise during slow rotation, stop the machine for inspection.
4. Check that the direction of the Intelligent pellet mill For sale knife should be clockwise, and the checking method is the same as above.
5. Debug the air seal, air seal cleaning and water cooling system.
The above is a brief introduction to the knowledge before debugging of Intelligent pellet mill For sale.