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Best Tub grinder on sales introduces the precautions of the grinder

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How much do you know about the precautions of the grinder? Follow the editor of Best Tub grinder on sales to have a simple understanding!
1. The tooth tip clearance is one of the important assembly parameters of the gear transmission. The regulations stipulate that the clearance between the large and small cones is 7.5-8.5mm. In actual production, after long-term operation of the equipment, the large gear ring is deformed by stress and impact. The original circle gradually changes to an ellipse, so the tooth tip clearance is locally even lower than 6mm. In the actual adjustment process, the tooth tip clearance should be adjusted to 8.5-10mm to reduce the impact caused by the tooth tip clearance and cause gear tooth overload. Break off.
2. Insufficient tightening force of the large ring gear is also one of the important reasons for its deformation. In actual operation, in addition to increasing the bolt tightening force, 10mm thick steel plates are used to connect the joint surfaces of the large ring gear to increase the fastening surface to prevent the ring gear from deforming, to ensure that the angular speed of the driving and driven wheels are consistent, and to prevent changes in the transmission ratio. The force of inertia caused fatigue to break.

3. Adequate lubrication of the drive shaft bearing is also the main reason to ensure its smooth operation. The traditional regular and manual lubrication can also ensure that the bearing is sufficiently lubricated, but it is easy to cause excessive or insufficient lubricating oil. It is recommended It adopts mechanical timing, quantitative and scientific replenishment of lubricating grease to ensure proper lubrication of the bearing, reduce vibration, avoid bearing wear and cage rupture, and extend life.
The above is the editor of Best Tub grinder on sales: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the precautions of the grinder.