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Best Disc chipper price introduces the classification knowledge of chipper

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The chipper is also called the wood slicer, which is one of the wood processing equipment. It is widely used in the material preparation section in the production process of textile, papermaking, pulping, wood-based board and other industries. Chipper can be divided into mechanical structure classification and disc type chipper classification. Let's follow the editor of Best Disc chipper price to have a simple understanding!

1. Mechanical structure classification
The chipper can be divided into two categories according to the mechanical structure: the disc chipper with the cutting knife mounted on the disc and the drum chipper with the cutting knife mounted on the cylindrical drum. The disc chipper is mainly used for cutting logs, and the quality of chipping is better, and it is used more in pulp and paper mills, while the drum chipper has a wide adaptability to wood species and can be used for various wood materials such as slabs.
2. Classification of Disc Chipper
Disc chippers are divided into three types: ordinary chippers, multi-blade chippers and spiral chippers. These three chipper feeding methods include oblique feeding and flat feeding. The shavings of long logs are generally fed by flat mouth, and the shavings of short logs and slabs can be fed with oblique mouth or flat mouth.
In summary, the editor of Best Disc chipper price tells: a brief introduction to the relevant classification knowledge of chipper.