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Wholesale Disc chipper introduces little knowledge of chipper

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How much do you know about the relevant little knowledge of chipper? Follow the Editor of Wholesale Disc chipper to have a simple understanding!

A new type of chipper. One end of the machine body is connected with a transport slot connected to the wood stacking place. The upper and lower ends of the machine body adjacent to the transport slot are equipped with biters for smashing wood. The biters are equipped with a rotating shaft. The rotating shaft is provided with evenly arranged meshing teeth for cutting; the other end of the machine body is connected with the high-altitude transportation track used to transport the chipped wood chips indoors for storage. The stacking point can be quickly and conveniently placed through the transportation slot The wood at the location is transported to the biter for cutting. Under the work of the vibrating motor, the wood on the transport trough is evenly vibrated. When it is sent to the bite for cutting, the meshing teeth at each position can evenly perform the wood After cutting, the wood after the cutting will be transported indoors and stored through the high-altitude transportation track at the other end.
The above is what the editor of Wholesale Disc chipper tells: a brief introduction to the relevant little knowledge about the chipper.