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Installation and commissioning knowledge of customized single shaft hammer mill

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A customized single shaft hammer mill is a necessary equipment for pre-production in many industries, especially feed, food, coatings, and chemical industries. It has a wide range of versatility, can adjust the fineness of crushing, has the advantages of low energy consumption, safe use, and convenient maintenance, so it has been favored by all walks of life. The bearing table and the fixed knife table of the machine are on the same plane, which shortens the length of the main shaft, so the structure is compact, the screen path is stepped, the screen wrap angle is increased, the powder discharge area is increased, and the crushing effect is good. Easy to replace. The customized single shaft hammer mill has a bearing table, a fixed knife table, a screen, and a screen frame. It is characterized in that the bearing table and the fixed knife table are cast on the same plane outside the reserved hole of the lower casing shaft, and the screen frame is fixed in the lower casing by screws A stepped shape is formed, and its circumference is an ellipse. Let's take a look at the installation and test-run knowledge of the customized single shaft hammer mill!

1. The equipment should be installed on a level concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts.
2. Pay attention to the verticality between the main body and the horizontal when installing.
3. After installation, check whether the bolts at various parts are loose and whether the door of the main engine is fastened. If so, please fasten it.
4. Configure the power cord and control switch according to the power of the equipment.
5. After the inspection is completed, a no-load test run is performed, and the test run is normal and production can be started.
The above is a brief introduction to the installation and commissioning knowledge of the customized single shaft hammer mill.