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Double shaft hammer mill on sales What you don’t know

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How much do you know about Double shaft hammer mill on sales? Let's take a look at it briefly!

A double shaft hammer mill on sales hammer body, including a mounting part, a hammer handle, a hammer head, the hammer handle is fixed on the mounting part, the hammer head is fixed on the hammer handle, and the hammer head strikes up and down A plurality of protrusions are provided on the surface along the axis of the hammer handle, and rectangular grooves are provided on the protrusions along the length direction of the protrusions; protrusions protruding from the surface of the hammer head are provided on the inner and outer surfaces of the hammer head The smashing force of the material on the striking surface is increased by setting multiple protrusions and grooves on the striking surface. The protrusions on the inner and outer sides of the hammer head help guide the airflow and reduce the influence of air resistance on the rotation speed during rotation. , Which increases the crushing strength of the hammer.
In summary, it is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about Double shaft hammer mill on sales.