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Little knowledge of Double shaft hammer mill on sales

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A Double shaft hammer mill on sales, including a casing. The casing includes an upper casing and a lower casing that are matched with each other. The casing has a crushing chamber and a symmetrical centerline. The upper casing is provided with a symmetrical centerline located on the casing. The feed port on one side, the lower box body is provided with a discharge port on the other side of the symmetrical centerline of the casing, the feed port and the discharge port are arranged obliquely; the crushing mechanism, the crushing mechanism is set in the crushing chamber; The feeding barrel, the feeding barrel is set at the inlet; the outlet barrel, the outlet barrel is set at the outlet and connected with the feeding barrel. When the material enters the Double shaft hammer mill on sales from the feeding barrel and exits from the outlet When the barrel is discharged, it can pass the longest and optimal material crushing path, which can make the material and the crushing device fully function, thereby improving the crushing efficiency and effect of the Double shaft hammer mill on sales, and improving the economic benefits. On sales has a simple structure and high working reliability.

The above is a brief introduction to the relevant little knowledge about Double shaft hammer mill on sales.