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Operational matters of customized Wood chipper

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A customized Wood chipper is a special equipment for the production of wood chips. The customized Wood chipper is also called a wood chipper, which is one of the wood processing equipment. It is widely used in the material preparation section in the production process of textile, papermaking, pulping, wood-based board and other industries. The main cutting raw materials of this machine are stripped small-diameter wood, bamboo, slabs and surplus materials of felling secondary fuelwood, etc. So how much do you know about the operation of the customized Wood chipper? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. Regarding the equipment of the customized Wood chipper equipment, select a new power cord to ensure the production process;
2. The power cord is wired in strict accordance with the requirements of the sign, and the grounding wire is connected;

3. Before starting the customized Wood chipper, check the smoothness of each place, pay attention to the filling of butter, and the tightened screws should not be loose;
4. Produce feed to prevent speculation about metallization, waste and debris. In particular, harder materials can damage the blades of the machine;
5. After using the customized Wood chipper, it can prevent rusting due to wetting, thus shortening the service life of the machine;
6. During the operation, the operator must not wear gloves to prevent hands from entering the lower opening.