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Wood chipper for sale things you don’t know

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A Wood chipper For sale includes a base, the left side of the top of the base is fixedly connected with a power motor through a bracket, and the top of the base is fixedly connected with a casing located on the right side of the power motor, and the front of the casing A rotating shaft is connected to the middle movable sleeve on the back, the power motor is connected to the rotating shaft by a belt transmission, the front of the casing is fixedly connected with a feed inlet, and the outer side of the rotating shaft is fixedly sleeved with a cutter head located inside the casing The Wood chipper For sale, by opening the inner barrel with sieve holes, when the rolling motor drives the inner barrel to rotate, the wood chips will fall through the sieve holes, and the wood chips cannot pass through the sieve holes, thus ensuring the separation of wood chips and wood chips, and at the same time in the sieve barrel The internal brushes can prevent the wood chips from being caught on the screen holes when they fly out of the cabinet, which improves the efficiency and practicality of the device's screening.

The above is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of Wood chipper For sale.