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Brush Chipper Manufacturers china introduces the little knowledge of chipper

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How much do you know about the chipper? Today, the editor of Brush Chipper Manufacturers china will take you to have a brief look.

A chipper that can cut raw materials such as bamboo of different thicknesses to solve the problem of material jams. Its structure includes a feed channel, upper and lower rollers and blades. On the side, the blade is arranged on the other side of the feeding gap, the height of the blade is adjustable, and the upper roller is fixed by a spring. The chipper of this utility model uses the upper and lower rollers to compress the raw material, and because the upper roller is fixed by the spring, the material is fed The gap can be compressed after passing raw materials of different thicknesses, which solves the problem of material jam; when in use, the raw materials of the feed channel can be fed into the feed gap by manual or mechanical, and the raw materials can be cut into slices under the action of the blade; The raw material can be cut into slices of different thicknesses by adjusting the height of the blade.
In summary, the editor of Brush Chipper Manufacturers china tells: a brief introduction to the relevant little knowledge about chipper.