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Customized Brush Chipper price replacement hydraulic oil process

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The operation of customized Brush Chipper price is inseparable from hydraulic oil, which is consumed during use. At this time, we need to consider replacing the hydraulic oil. So, how should the hydraulic oil of the customized Brush Chipper price be installed? The following is the relevant process.
1. Shut down and cut off the power supply of the electrical system, and wait for the oil temperature to drop.
2. Slowly loosen the air filter of the upper fuel filler flange assembly of the customized Brush Chipper price fuel tank, reduce the air pressure stored in the fuel tank, and remove the air filter.

3. Prepare a container larger than 800L, and use an oil filter trolley to draw out the hydraulic oil through the air filter hole.
4. Open the oil drain plug at the bottom of the customized Brush Chipper price oil tank and drain the remaining oil completely.
5. Remove the fuel tank cleaning cover flange.
6. Remove the rubber hose and flange of the oil suction port of the customized Brush Chipper price, and remove the oil suction filter.
7. Clean the inside of the fuel tank.
8. Clean the suction filter and emphasize the new installation.