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Flying knife mounting structure of Drum chipper from China manufacturer

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Drum chipper from China manufacturer flying knife installation structure. It includes a flying knife seat set on the cutting knife roller for placing the flying knife, the flying knife seat is provided with a threaded hole, and also includes an internal thread and an external thread. Nut, the nut is installed in the threaded hole through the external thread, the boundary between the nut and the flying knife seat is provided with a fastening screw that can prevent the nut from rotating, and the flying knife is placed on the flying knife seat through a fastening bolt and the inner thread of the nut Match and fix the flying knife. After the above structure is adopted, the nut is not a traditional welding method but a detachable nut with an external thread, and then the flying knife is clamped and fixed by the cooperation of the bolt and the nut. When replacing, just unscrew the nut, thus reducing the replacement cost and ensuring continuous production.

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