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Plastic Wholesale Pellet conveyor

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Plastic Wholesale Pellet conveyor, its structure includes rack, Wholesale Pellet conveyor, electronic controller, drive device, it is composed of body, roller, conveyor belt, baffle, linkage mixing device, conveyor belt uses rack chain to drive linkage mixing device to work , The stirring and dehumidifying mechanism dehumidifies the wet plastic particles by drying cotton, and then uses the stirring rod to stir the plastic particles trapped in the dust filter hole, so as to avoid the plastic particles from blocking the dust filter hole, and also improve the dust removal and dehumidification efficiency of the stirring of the plastic particles. The negative pressure wind is generated by the negative pressure induced air mechanism, so that the outside air drives the dust on the plastic particles to enter the vacuum sponge plate from the dust filter hole, and absorbs the dust, so as to prevent the dust from floating around in the body, causing the dust to float from the body again. out, affecting the safety and health of workers.

The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of plastic Wholesale Pellet conveyors.