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Best Pellet conveyor manufacturers

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Best Pellet conveyor manufacturers include a machine base, a hopper and a feeding channel for storing particles on the machine base, a screw is installed in the machine base, the screw is connected with a driving mechanism, the thread start end of the screw communicates with the hopper, and the thread of the screw is connected to the hopper. The end is communicated with the feeding channel. The best Pellet conveyor manufacturers of this utility model has a reasonable structure design. The conveyor adopts a screw to transport particles, and a stepping motor is used as the driving mechanism of the screw. The operation is stable, and the conveying speed and time can be adjusted according to actual needs. With the rotation of the screw, the screw can fully drive the particles every time, so that the particles fall into the feeding channel from the end of the screw. , flexibly adjust the conveying speed and control the conveying quantity of particles, provide sufficient lubricity for the mold cavity, improve the injection efficiency of the punch, reduce the demoulding time, and improve the quality of the die-casting product.

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