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Scrap Wholesale Briquetting machine products

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Scrap iron Wholesale Briquetting machine products, including a console, one side of the console is provided with a guardrail, the console and the guardrail are fixedly connected by welding, a weighted iron box is arranged under the console, and the control The platform is fixedly connected with the iron weight box by welding, one side of the iron weight box is provided with an inclined plane chute, the iron weight box and the inclined plane chute are fixedly connected by screws, and one side of the upper surface of the iron weight box is provided with a Connecting plate, the practical design structure is scientific and reasonable, and it is safe and convenient to use. We set up a lifting plate inside the iron box. The lifting plate is driven up and down by a telescopic rod. When the lifting plate rises to the level of the pressure plate, its The front end is in contact with the stop shaft, and then the telescopic rod is extended, and the entire lift plate will form a slope, so that the iron block can slide down from above, avoiding the iron block directly hitting the ground and causing damage. when.

Wholesale Briquetting machine products
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