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What you need to know about pellet conveyor supplier

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The pellet conveyor supplier comprises a fixing seat, a baffle plate is arranged on the outer surface of the upper end of the fixing seat, a storage box is arranged on the inner surface of the lower end of the fixing seat, and a noise reduction protection mechanism is arranged on one inner surface of the baffle plate.

pellet conveyor supplier
The new type of conveyor is equipped with a leveling mechanism and a noise reduction protection mechanism, adjust the height of the lifting plate, and fix it with a No. 1 bolt, thereby improving the stability of the lifting plate. The material will be flattened by the arc baffle to improve the transportation efficiency of the smelting material. The fixing plate is placed on the inner surface of one side of the baffle. After adjusting the position of the fixing plate, the fixing plate and the baffle are fixed by the No. 3 bolts. , Because the balls are movable, it is convenient for the transportation of smelting materials, and it can also reduce the noise generated when the smelting materials collide with the baffle plate, and improve people's user experience.
The above is a brief introduction to some knowledge about the pellet conveyor supplier.