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Best pellet conveyor products failure reasons and solutions

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Do you know what is the reason for the failure of Best pellet conveyor products and how to deal with it? Let's take a look at it briefly.
1. Motor heats up
Analysis of the cause of the failure: due to overloading, excessive length or the conveyor belt is blocked, the running resistance increases, and the motor is overloaded; due to the poor lubrication conditions of the transmission system, the motor power increases; the motor fan air inlet or radial fins accumulate Dust, which deteriorates heat dissipation conditions.
Treatment method: measure the power of the motor, find out the cause of overload operation, and treat it symptomatically; add lubrication to each transmission part in time; remove dust.

Best pellet conveyor products
2. The reducer is overheated
Analysis of the cause of the failure: too much or too little oil in the reducer; the oil has been used for too long; the lubricating conditions deteriorated and the bearing was damaged.
Treatment method: inject oil according to the specified amount; clean the interior, change the oil in time to repair or replace the bearing, and improve the lubrication condition.
The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the failure causes and treatment methods of Best pellet conveyor products.