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Differences between Disc chipper products and drum chippers

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The wood processing industry is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are engaged in the wood processing industry. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of technology, the products used in wood processing are becoming more and more abundant and diverse. As an important product of wood processing , The wood chipper (wood slicer) is even more so, which makes people dizzying and don't know which one to choose. In fact, in general, wood chippers can always be divided into Disc chipper products and drum chippers. For their differences, let's make a comparison.

Disc chipper products

The purchase of the two is mainly different from the needs of customers, and there is no difference in essence, but generally speaking, the price of drum chipper is higher than that of Disc chipper products. The disc type is usually only a few thousand dollars, and the drum type chipper is usually over ten thousand.

The scope of application of the two is different, mainly as follows:

The drum chipper can cut small-diameter wood, veneer, slats, etc. below 120 mm. The cut wood chips can be used as raw materials for fiberboard and pulp; Disc chipper products can be used according to different requirements of fiberboard and particleboard for wood chip length. You can adjust.

To sum up, customers can choose the corresponding products according to their needs.

Disc chipper products have a greater output than drum chippers because of their simpler construction and simpler machining processes. The drum chipper is more complicated, with greater control over the raw materials, and the output is slightly inferior to Disc chipper products.