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Some introduction of Disc chipper products

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Disc chipper products are composed of cutter head, cutting knife, bottom knife, cutter head blade, etc. The cutting mechanism of the disc chipper is a steel disc with a large quality. The bottom knives and side knives on the same side of the machine base form a cutting pair, which cuts the input raw materials into pieces. When the number of blades exceeds 6 (including 6), it is customary to call it a multi-blade disc chipper.

Disc chipper products

The chipper has compact and reasonable structure, convenient operation, high production performance, reliability and convenient maintenance. Chippers are powered by diesel or gasoline engines, but are more expensive to produce than electric drives. Chippers can cut small diameter wood, veneer, slats, and more. Cutting wood chips smaller than 120mm can be used as fiberboard and pulp material; Disc chipper products can adjust the length of wood chips according to the different requirements of fiberboard and particleboard. Due to its simpler structure and simpler processing process, the output value of the chipper is greater than that of the drum chipper.