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Pelletizing operation of Single shaft hammer mill

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Single shaft hammer mill should pay attention to the following matters during the granulation operation:

(1) Before starting the machine, check whether there are tools, sundries, etc. on the machine, and open the valve to check whether the transferred parts and the discharge screen are damaged.

(2) Appropriate lubricating oil should be added to each lubricating part.

(3) All fastening parts should be tightened.

Single shaft hammer mill

(4) After the machine is turned on, run it for 2 minutes in an empty state, observe the machine, and if it runs normally, it can be fed and granulated.

(5) The speed at which the feeding roller bites into the rubber material must be synchronized with the feeding speed. If it is found that the feeding roller has broken pieces or accumulated films, it should stop immediately to adjust the roller distance of the feeding roller.

(6) During the granulation process, if the machine is found to have abnormal noise or increased vibration, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

(7) After the granulation operation of the Single shaft hammer mill is completed, the cleaning work must be done well.