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Brush Chipper HXBC1000



Brush chipper is manufactured on the basis of shearing and cutting theory. Pressure stress is reduced on engineer parts, and the operator’s work efficiency is improved. If the feeding material is too big or too hard, or the diesel engineer overloads, the system will switch from continuous feeding to intermittent feeding. If jamming occurs, the operator can control the machine manually, and reverse the feeding roller. Besides, the diesel engine waste gas is connected to the chipping chamber, which increases the discharge power.

It is strong and durable, with a high production capacity, low energy consumption, and uniform chipping quality. It is also low noise, emits zero pollution, and is easy to operate and maintain. It is driven by diesel engine power, and can be towed by vehicles to work sites.


It is primarily used to chip branches, undersized logs, wood cutting debris and shrubs to prepare raw material for paper mill, MDF board factory, biomass power plant, organic fertilizer factory, and also for landscaping job and tree care job.

Output wood chip is like the below photo.


Model HXBC1000
Dimension 4.3 x 1.8 x 2.8m
Weight 2.2t
Input size 445 x 382 mm
Rotor size Diameter 540 x Height 500mm
Feed roller size Diameter 500 x Height 450mm
Blade size 230 x 110 x 18mm
Blade type 2 Cutting Edge
Blade quantity 2 Cutting  + 1 Stationary
Feed plate length 1450mm
Power Changchai 66kw (89HP)
Max wood diameter 30.5 cm
Feed speed 0-36 m/min
Torque of feed system 548N.m
Feed gears Feed-Stop-Reverse
Main drive mode Belt Drive
Feed method Hydraulic Motor
Discharge height 2.5m
Rotation speed 2050 rpm
Working mode Stationary, Movable by towing
Brake mode Air-operated
Start mode Electric
Voltage 12v
Tire 750-16
Fuel tank capacity 48l
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 61l
Display Engine rotation speed, Water temperature, Engine oil pressure, Electric quantity, Fuel quantity, Hydraulic oil quantity, Working hours.
Safety device Emergency stop handrail, Emergency stop switch, Rear indicator light.
Container loading 1x20’GP




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ADD: Yuancheng, Changshan Town, Binzhou, Shandong, CHINA