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Explanation of factors affecting the finished product of Vertical pellet mill

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1. The influence of the rotating speed of the stirring paddle and the cutting knife

It can be said that the size and distribution of particle size are directly related to the rotational speed of the stirring paddle and the cutting knife of the Vertical pellet mill. When the speed is slow, the particle size is small, and when the rotation speed is fast, the particle size is large, and the two have opposite effects.

Vertical pellet mill

2. The effect of mixing, granulation procedures and time

During the operation of the Vertical pellet mill, the rotation of the stirring paddle makes the material in the pot roll to the space, so that the material at the bottom of the pot is rotated and thrown up along the wall of the pot. Particles of different sizes are rounded and gradually spherical as the particles roll with each other for a period of time. It can be seen from this that the speed and time of the stirring paddle and the cutting knife have an effect on the particle size of the granulation.