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Functional requirements of Vertical pellet mill

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1. The vertical pellet mill agitator paddle dry mixes the materials, and then wet mixes them after adding the binder. According to the characteristics of the material and the adhesive, the rotation speed of the stirring paddle can ensure that the movement produces a vortex, and the material is fully mixed. At the same time, the intersection area of the granulation knife fully breaks the tumbling material mass into granules.

Vertical pellet mill

2. The rotation speed of the vertical pellet mill stirring paddle and granulating knife can make the material produce three-dimensional movement, and the particles produce collision, friction and shearing, so that the friction is uniform and fine, and finally the stable spherical particles are formed. The mixing time, the speed of the stirring blade and the granulating knife, the quality and uniformity of the granulation after drying, etc. meet the requirements of the solid preparation production process.

3. The mixing and granulating process of the Vertical pellet mill should be in a closed state, and the whole process of mixing and granulating (including feeding, mixing, cutting and granulating and unloading, etc.) should work under the cleanliness of class 100,000 or 300,000 Make sure that no foreign matter falls.