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The effect of raw materials on the regulation of particle hardness of Intelligent pellet mill

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When the Intelligent pellet mill is granulating, many aspects of raw materials will affect the hardness of the pellets, including the formula of raw materials and processing technology will change the hardness of the pellets, so when using the Intelligent pellet mill, we need to improve it as needed. Today I will tell you how raw materials affect the particle hardness of Intelligent pellet mill.

Intelligent pellet mill

During grinding, the comminuted size of the raw material is a decisive factor for particle hardness. Generally speaking, the finer the particle size of the raw material, the easier the starch will be gelatinized during the conditioning process of the Intelligent pellet mill, the stronger the adhesion in the granular material, the less likely it will be broken, and the greater the hardness. The particle size of crushing is between 900 μm and 300 μm, and the particle size of secondary crushing is between 600 μm and 300 μm. The crushed particle size distribution is conducive to the granulation and appearance quality of the particles, and can ensure the appropriate hardness and low crushing rate of the product.

Through the pretreatment of raw materials, anti-nutritional factors in raw materials can be destroyed, bacteria can be killed, harmful substances can be eliminated, raw materials can be denatured, and starch can be fully gelatinized. Gelatinized starch has a significant effect on granule hardness. Due to the large degree of gelatinization of the granular material, the hardness of the particles is also relatively large, and other methods must be used to reduce the hardness of the particles.