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Influence of tempering effect on Intelligent pellet mill

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The ideal manufacturing standard factors in the production process of Intelligent pellet mill are: appropriate moisture content of raw materials, high-quality steam, and sufficient conditioning time. If there is a problem with tempering, it is easy to cause blockage of the Intelligent pellet mill. Today we will talk about the effect of tempering on granulation.

Intelligent pellet mill

In order to make pellet feed meet the demands of market competition, its high quality must be guaranteed. The conditioning effect of the material before granulation is very important, because it directly affects the output and quality of the Intelligent pellet mill, especially the stability of special aquatic products in water is an important indicator. If the material is not sufficiently treated and matured before granulation, it is difficult to ensure the stability of the material in water.

The so-called conditioning is to pretreat the powder material before granulation, and it is a process of fully stirring and absorbing the appropriate amount of steam in the powder material and the conditioner. The raw materials can be fully mixed with steam in the conditioner to soften the raw materials, gelatinize the starch, and press the powder to produce qualified products. Air conditioners need long-term heat preservation, heating and humidification, and the number of layers can be installed in any combination according to needs to ensure that the material fully meets the requirements of air conditioning, and improve the surface and internal quality of granular materials. In order to improve its water resistance in water, it is currently more advanced The best method is to use modulator + warranty + modulator, which can achieve the ideal conditioning effect.