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What are the reasons for the abnormal appearance of customized vertical pellet mill pellets and how to improve them?

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In the production of customized vertical pellet mill pellets, sometimes there will be pellets with abnormal appearance. Experienced feed manufacturers will know what is the cause of this situation and can quickly eliminate them. For inexperienced or new feed production For manufacturers, sometimes they can’t find the crux of the problem, and only ask the outside world or the manufacturer of the customized vertical pellet mill for help. The following editor briefly introduces the common reasons and improvement methods.
1. The phenomenon that the pellets are bent and there are many cracks on one side is usually generated when the pellets leave the ring die. In production, when the cutter position is adjusted far from the surface of the ring die and the knife edge is blunt, the pellets are broken or torn by the cutter instead of being cut when they are extruded from the die hole. At this time, some pellets are bent. There are many cracks on one side and the other side. This kind of granular material will often break from these cracks when it enters the cooler for cooling or transportation, resulting in too much granular powder produced.

2. The horizontal crack traverses the entire granular material, and the crack occurs in the cross section of the granule, but the granule is not bent. This can happen when pelleting fluffy feed that contains more fiber. This kind of pellets is often used when the feed is squeezed into the pelletizing holes of the ring die. Because it contains fibers longer than the aperture, when the pellets are extruded, the pellets will have transverse cracks on the cross section due to the expansion of the fibers. , To produce a fir-bark-like feed appearance.
The improvement method is to increase the compression force of the ring die on the feed, that is, to increase the compression ratio of the ring die; to control the fineness of the pulverization of the fiber, the large length cannot exceed one-third of the particle size; to reduce the output to reduce the feed passing through the die hole Increase the compactness at the speed of time; lengthen the tempering time, use multi-layer conditioner or kettle-type conditioner; customized vertical pellet mill, when the powder has too high moisture or contains urea, fir bark may also be produced For the appearance of the feed, the added moisture and urea content should be controlled.