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Customized vertical pellet mill small class explanation: preparation work before adjustment of pellet mill and experimental knowledge of air switch!

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Do you know what the preparatory work before the adjustment of the granulator and the air-opening experiment are? Follow the editor of the customized vertical pellet mill for a simple understanding!
1. Check whether the electricity, gas, and water in the production workshop are already in time and in a standby state.
2. Turn the resistor power switch on the actual operation control panel in the opposite direction and place it at the slow speed position.
3. Because the watch cover cannot be opened during actual operation, and the watch cover is opened, it will automatically shut down to ensure safety, so it can be operated only after setting it. Check the mixing propeller from the rear view mirror of the cover, first press and hold the mixing propeller operation button (emerald green) to observe the rotation of the mixing propeller-it should be the reverse rotation. If the rotation is wrong, the motor should be three-phase five-wire. Change the phase and restart after confirming the change. If there is abnormal noise when rotating at a slow speed, turn it off for inspection.
4. Check the rotation of the pelletizing knife should be clockwise, and the check method is the same as above.

5. Adjust air tightness, air tightness cleaning and cooling water system software.
The air tightness and easy-to-tightness cleaning of the granulator is carried out by a set of pipelines. When adjusting, first turn the command power switch to the stop position, and observe whether there is water leakage or leakage in the air cavity. If there is, check the product. Then turn the command power switch to the air inlet to check if there is air.
The above is the customized vertical pellet mill editor introducing the relevant knowledge of pellet mill.