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What should be paid attention to during the operation of Log debarker?

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Log debarker adopts the principle of rotating peeling, and uses the strength of the airflow of the high-power air compressor to peel the skin powerfully, and the peeling rate is higher and more professional. In the process of using Log debarker, the use of more professional technology and operations is more conducive to the yield of the product and the extension of the lifespan. During the operation, do you know what you need to pay attention to? Let's take a look at it below!
1. Do not start the machine before the safety protection device is installed.
2. The work site should be spacious, ventilated and fireproof. The operator should wear neatly, with long hair tied up and fastened, and the power switch should be close to the operator to cut off the power as soon as possible in the event of a failure. Hard sundries are strictly prohibited from entering the machine to avoid man-made machine damage.
3. When checking the machine, it is necessary to turn off the power.

4. Check whether the components are damaged, replace and repair them in time, and strictly prohibit working with the machine.
5. Check whether the circuit is safe and reliable to ensure the safety of operators.
6. During the Log debarker operation, attention should be paid to observe, check and tighten the bolts of each transmission component to ensure the safe operation of the machine.
7. During the operation, the work must be continuous and uniform, otherwise it will affect the quality and efficiency of the operation. The machine can not be stopped immediately when the operation is over, it should continue to operate for 3 to 5 minutes, and the machine can be stopped after all the materials in the machine are exhausted, otherwise it will easily cause blockage in the machine.
8. When the Log debarker is blocked, it should be shut down immediately, and the standby can be cleaned up after the standby device is completely stopped.
9. When the machine is running, hands and arms are not allowed to touch the roller, and the protective cover is not allowed to be opened or removed. When the machine is working, no one is allowed to stand on the grass exit (see safety precautions and safety signs) to avoid personal injury accidents.
10. When transporting and transferring, it should be lifted and placed flat, and should not be dropped or placed upside down, so as to avoid deformation and damage of the frame or parts.
The above is about the matters needing attention during the operation of Log debarker.