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How to replace customized Wood crusher blades?

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The wear-prone parts in customized Wood crusher are mainly blades. After the blade has been used for a period of time, it needs to be replaced in time. Only in this way can the production power of the customized Wood crusher be guaranteed. If the blade is not replaced in time, the customized Wood crusher will discharge unevenly, reducing the output value and affecting the quality. There are also tips for replacing customized Wood crusher blades.
The customized Wood crusher replacement blade should be shut down and cut off. When the blade is not sharp, it should be sharpened in time. If the blade wear is not large, use oilstone to sharpen the blade. When the wear is large, the flat blade can be sharpened with a flat grinding wheel, and then sharpened with oilstone. The blade point of view should be less than 37°, and coolant should be added when grinding with a grinding wheel to avoid blade annealing. If the blade is severely worn, you need to replace it with a new blade and adjust the height of the blade. The edge of the flat blade is exposed out of the disk. After the vertical height is adjusted, the knife bolt should be tightened after adjustment to avoid blade movement and damage the customized Wood crusher.

For the adjustment of the fixed knife, the gap between the fixed knife and the movable knife should be adjusted to 1 to 2mm. After replacing the blade, check whether the bolts in each part are fastened. If there is any looseness, they should be tightened. Roll the pulley by hand. There should be no rubbing between the parts and the casing to ensure safety.
After the machine is turned on, the feeder can only be fed when the working speed reaches the normal speed. Do not start with the feeder. When feeding, do not deepen the feeding port to avoid the hand being injured. If the machine makes abnormal noise during work, it should be shut down to check to eliminate the fault and avoid damage. Machine.
In summary, it is a brief introduction to the blade replacement knowledge of the customized Wood crusher.