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The requirements of customized Horizontal Grinder on sales for electric drag and control!

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The grinder is a machine tool that uses abrasive tools to grind the surface of the workpiece. Most of the grinders use high-speed rotating grinding wheels for grinding processing, a few use other abrasive tools such as oilstone, belts and free abrasives for processing, such as honing machines, super-finishing machine tools, belt grinders, grinders and polishing Machine waiting. According to the movement characteristics and process requirements of the grinder, there are the following requirements for electric drag and control. Follow the customized Horizontal Grinder on sales editor to have a simple understanding!

1. The rotating motion of the grinding wheel generally does not require speed adjustment, it can be driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor, and only one-way rotation is required. When the capacity is large, Y-triangular step-down start can be used.
2. In order to ensure the processing accuracy, make it run smoothly, and ensure that the inertia of the worktable is small and has no impact when the reciprocating movement of the worktable is reversed, hydraulic transmission is adopted to realize the reciprocating movement of the worktable and the lateral feed of the grinding wheel box.
In summary, the editor of customized Horizontal Grinder on sales tells: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of grinders.