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What are the characteristics and working principle of Single shaft shredder 2200R for RDF?

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Single shaft shredder 2200R for RDF can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. It is suitable for the recycling of plastic, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, and domestic garbage. There are many types of recyclable materials. So do you know its characteristics and working principle? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below!
1. Features
1. The blade on the rotor is detachable for easy cleaning, maintenance and maintenance.
2. The movable knife adopts the "V"-shaped installation method, which cuts evenly during the whole crushing work, reduces energy consumption and reduces noise.
3. Each movable knife has 4 cutting edges, which can be rotated by 90° to continue use after being worn; each fixed knife has 2 cutting edges, which can be rotated by 180° to continue using after being worn; strengthen the replacement of the movable knife and the fixed knife Sex and life cycle, reducing costs.
4. The main shaft is driven by a gear reducer, running smoothly, with low noise and large torque.
5. Equipped with hydraulic reciprocating pushing material power system, solid structure and stable operation.
6. The entire system is controlled by the PLC program, which can automatically rotate forward and reverse, and stop, making the machine safer and more reliable.
2. Working principle
The material enters the chassis from the hopper, the pusher box pushes the material to the rotating knife roller under the push of the hydraulic cylinder, the rotating movable knife and the fixed knife crush the material, the crushed material falls through the screen, and then is transported by the auxiliary conveying equipment Go to the next process or collect and pack. The material enters the inside of the crushing box through the feeding system. The box is loaded with blades. The pushing box pushes the materials to the vicinity of the blades. The materials are crushed into small pieces by the combined effects of the crushing blades, such as tearing, squeezing, and shearing. Drain from the screen holes.
The above is an introduction to the features and working principle of Single shaft shredder 2200R for RDF, I hope you can learn more.