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Drum chipper from China manufacturer

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The debris recovery device used for Drum chipper from China manufacturer, includes a horizontal plate, a sliding seat, a support seat and a box body, and a sliding seat is sleeved inside the horizontal plate, and the sliding seat and the horizontal plate are gap-fitted. The four corners of the horizontal plate are fixed with support seats, the top of the sliding seat is fixed with a box body, and the bottom end of the sliding seat is fixed with a moving mechanism. This is used for the debris recovery device of Drum chipper from China manufacturer, Through the use of prismatic rods, racks, springs and sleeves, the sorting efficiency of the screen is improved by the left and right movement of the box, thereby improving the practicability of the overall mechanism. The use of rods and nuts, etc., is convenient for cleaning the debris in the box, which is conducive to popularization. , It is convenient for the cutting of chips, and at the same time, through holes are processed in the connecting plate to facilitate the connection between the whole mechanism and the chipper.

The above is a brief introduction to the little knowledge of the chip recovery device used in Drum chipper from China manufacturer.