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Wholesale Pellet conveyor

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Thin Wholesale Pellet conveyor, its structure includes motor base, motor, reducer, rotating shaft, conveying pipe, intermediate bearing, feeding port, flange connection plate, shaft cap, fixed support seat, support seat, discharge port, operating platform , The motor base is connected with the motor, the reducer and the motor are connected by the rotating shaft, the rotating shaft is movably connected with the conveying pipe, the conveying pipe is provided with an intermediate bearing, the feeding port and the discharging port are connected by a conveying pipe, and the supporting seat is provided with a conveying pipe. Below the conveying pipe, the shaft cap and the fixed support base are connected by a flange connecting plate, and the operating platform and the reducer are movably connected. The conveying pipe is composed of a limit flange, a main shaft, a hanger, and a screw shaft. The utility model is provided with a screw shaft that can be transmitted through the rotation of the motor, the speed reducer can control the speed and stop or rotation of the motor, and the operating platform can make the conveyor run automatically or run regularly.

The above is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge of Wholesale Pellet conveyor.