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Reasons for overheating effect in Wood crusher supplier china

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1. The tension of the V-belt mounted on the motor is too high, which makes the whole Wood crusher supplier china very difficult to operate. The friction between the cone and the chassis bearing increases, and the temperature continues to rise, which seriously affects the operation of the whole machine.
2. During the feeding and discharging process, the amount of material cannot be well controlled. Too much feed or too little adjustment of the outlet will cause the machine's working power to increase, and even the surface bushing of Wood crusher supplier china will be burned out by high temperature in severe cases.
3. The bearing holes of Wood crusher supplier china are blocked with dust and oil for a long time, or the daily cleaning work is not in place, which leads to the idling or difficulty of rotation of the lubrication system. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the machine in time and check the smoothness of the lubrication system.

Wood crusher supplier china
4. At present, in general Wood crusher supplier china, we equip the freezing machine with special equipment, usually water cooler or exhaust. At the same time, if the water cooler is not cleaned for a long time, there will be a lot of dust on the exhaust device, and the hot air generated during the entire operation cannot be dissipated in time, which will cause the impact crusher to overheat in severe cases.
The above is the reason for the overheating effect of Wood crusher supplier china.