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Enhanced Disturbed Wood crusher For sale

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The Wood crusher for sale with enhanced disturbance includes a base, a casing and a drive motor, wherein the casing and the drive motor are fixedly mounted on the base, a cutter shaft is arranged in the casing, an impeller is arranged in a discharge bin, and the crushing bin is provided with an impeller. A fixed knife ring and a pulverizing knife are arranged inside, the two ends of the rotating shaft of the knife are hinged on the casing through bearings, the impeller is fixed on the rotating shaft of the knife, and the side of the pulverizing knife close to the feeding port is provided with a radial spoiler The wing plate. The utility model is provided with a wing plate for disturbing the air flow on the side of the crushing knife. With the cooperation of the fan, the crushed wood can be turned over irregularly in the crushing bin, so that the crushing knife will not always be used when cutting the wood. It is chopped along the direction of the wood grain, but the wood is really cut into granules, which improves the crushing ability of the crusher.

Wood crusher For sale
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