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Wholesale Briquetting machine products

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Wholesale Briquetting machine products for casting material briquette, including a worktable body, the upper surface of the worktable body is provided with a chute, the top of the worktable body is fixedly connected with two relatively symmetrical support plates, the A chute is located between the two support plates, the inside of the one chute is clamped with a shaping box adapted to the one chute, the upper surface of each support plate is fixedly connected with a fixing plate, the The middle part of the bottom of the fixing plate is fixedly connected with an electric push rod, the telescopic end of the electric push rod is fixedly connected with a shaft rod, and the outer side of the shaft rod is provided with two symmetrical second chute, and the bottom of the fixing plate is fixed with a shaft rod. Two relatively symmetrical hydraulic cylinders are fixedly connected, and each of the first hydraulic cylinders is evenly distributed on both sides of the electric push rod. It is convenient for users to operate and is conducive to the advantages of market promotion.

Wholesale Briquetting machine products
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