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Two aspects of the trial of Disc chipper products

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Disc chipper products are a kind of wood chipper, which is our important product. For our competitive products, we pursue excellence in their production and post-production testing. How to check whether our Disc chipper products meet the requirements? It is very important, it is the result of inspection of production, and it is also the first link before delivery to customers. It cannot be ignored. The two kinds of tests we inspect for it are mainly empty running test and load test.

The idling test is carried out when the Disc chipper products are assembled, that is, idling without adding wood raw materials to check the overall stability of the machine. The general time is about half an hour, and it can be appropriately extended if necessary. .

Disc chipper products

Check whether the machine has abnormal noise. If there is a stop inspection, it indicates that it is unqualified. If it is not, it will continue to run idly. After a period of time, it will stop running and check the temperature of the bearing part. Because the bearing part is prone to heat, the temperature must meet the industry standard. In the case of idling, the temperature is too high, indicating that the machine cannot run under high load for a long time, which may be the quality or design of the bearing.

Carry out a load test under the condition of normal idling, properly input raw materials for cutting, and also check whether the Disc chipper products are running normally, whether the cutting process is smooth, whether the feeding and discharging process is smooth, whether the vibration is within a reasonable range, and whether the discharge is qualified, Whether the cut wood chips meet the specified requirements, and whether the individual blades are functioning properly, such as fly knives and bed knives.