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The Basics of Best Wood crusher price

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Best Wood crusher price, including the base, the cylinder, the feed port and the discharge port, the cylinder is fixed on the top of the base, the top of the cylinder is fixed with a feed port, and the bottom of the cylinder is fixed with a discharge port , There is a large knife roller in the barrel, and the large knife roller is connected to the small knife roller through a chain, one side of the barrel is provided with a belt tube, the bottom end of the belt tube is installed with a motor on the base, and the bottom end of the discharge port is connected to the bottom of the base. One side is fixedly provided with a collection tank, and the collection box is movably arranged in the collection tank; the present invention has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, and strong practicability. The wood is preliminarily pulverized by being provided with a large knife roller, and the pulverized wood is then passed through a small knife. For further crushing by the roller, the small pieces of wood in the sawdust can be crushed, and the crushing effect is good; the top of the base is inclined at 60°, which is beneficial for the sawdust in the cylinder to pass through the outlet; the collection box that can be separated from the collection tank is provided, which is convenient for Collect the crushed sawdust; simple and convenient, easy to use.

The above is a brief introduction to the basics of Best Wood crusher price.