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Introduction of Horizontal Grinder from China manufacturer: Knowledge of head and tailstock adjustment of grinders!

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Do you know how to adjust the head and tailstock of the grinder? Follow the Horizontal Grinder from China manufacturer editor to have a simple understanding!
The grinder is a pre-programmed program according to the processing requirements, and the control system sends out numerical information instructions for processing. It is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical surfaces. The head and tail are two important parts of the grinder, and the adjustment here is very important.

The headstock of the grinder is composed of a headstock box and a headstock bottom plate. The headstock box can rotate around an axis on the headstock bottom plate, and the rotation angle can be read from the scale plate. The headstock dial can be adjusted infinitely in sections through the pulley and the frequency converter, and the pre-tightening force of the V-belt at one end of the motor is adjusted by the moving headstock motor.
The pre-tightening force of the V-ribbed belt on the headstock dial is adjusted by the rotating eccentric sleeve. When rotating the eccentric sleeve, loosen the fixing screw first, and then tighten the fixing screw. Tighten the fixing screws of the headstock spindle. The gap between the headstock spindle and the bearing is adjusted by the rotating scale sleeve. The scale sleeve rotates clockwise to increase the gap; on the contrary, the gap decreases.
When the main shaft needs to rotate, there must be a gap between the main shaft and the bearing, the general radius is 0.005 mm. The scale of the scale sleeve indicates that the gap on the radius is 0.001mm. When rotating the scale sleeve, be sure to remove the idling amount of the scale sleeve. The headstock spindle is equipped with a three-jaw chuck, which is used for grinding short sleeves and disc parts.
To adjust the tailstock of the grinder, you need to turn the wrench to make the tailstock sleeve move back; you can also use the foot pedal, which can make the tailstock sleeve automatically advance and retreat. When the foot is pressed to the bottom, the sleeve moves backward; when the foot is relaxed, the sleeve moves forward. Or turn the adjustment knob to adjust the force of the pointed workpiece. When grinding a thin shaft, the force on the top workpiece should not be too large to avoid bending the workpiece.
The above is the editor of Horizontal Grinder from China manufacturer: about the adjustment method of the head and tailstock of the grinder.