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Classification knowledge of Wholesale Briquetting machine

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Wholesale Briquetting machine is a machine that uses a specific working medium to drive pressure to compress different raw materials and has many types. The working medium of the transmission pressure has two types: mechanical transmission and fluid transmission. So how much do you know about the classification of Wholesale Briquetting machine? Let's take a look at it briefly!
1. Types of mechanical transmission include
1. There are friction presses that transmit power and movement by the friction between the parts;
2. A press that transmits power or movement by the engagement of the driving member and the driven member or the engagement of an intermediate member.

2. Types of fluid transmission include
1. The hydraulic transmission type is divided into hydraulic press and hydraulic press;
2. The pneumatic transmission type is pneumatic press press;
3. In addition, according to different uses, it can be divided into a variety of professional models with different names. Such as metal Wholesale Briquetting machine, straw Wholesale Briquetting machine, etc.
The above is a brief introduction to the classification knowledge of Wholesale Briquetting machine.