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A brief introduction to the basics of customized Wood chipper

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A customized Wood chipper relates to the technical field of wood processing. A plurality of chipping knives are distributed along the radial direction on the rotating knife roller, and the rotating knife roller is connected with a motor; a feeding conveyor belt is installed at the feeding port, which is close to the discharge end of the feeding conveyor belt The top is equipped with a spreading roller; the inlet has an inclined feeding guide plate, and the feeding guide plate extends to the outlet; a discharge conveyor belt is installed at the outlet. Compared with technology, the present invention spreads the wood conveyed by the feeding conveyor belt evenly by the spreading roller, controls the uniform feeding of the wood, prevents the knife from being jammed, and prolongs the service life of the chipping knife. The wood is conveyed by the feeding conveyor belt, and the production efficiency is high. Increased.

In summary, it is a brief introduction to the basic knowledge of customized Wood chipper.