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Problems and solutions when using Best Disc chipper

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Problems and solutions that are easy to encounter when using Best Disc chipper

1.Best Disc chipper bottom screen mesh or pipe air inlet is partially blocked, resulting in insufficient air intake.

2. The fan blades are worn or the impeller speed is too low.

3. If the wood chips are too large, the air buoyancy generated by the fan is not enough to overcome the weight of the wood chips. Large pieces of wood tend to get stuck at the elbows of the duct.

Best Disc chipper

4. The raw material is too wet, and the debris in the wood chips is easy to adhere and accumulate on the inner wall of the air duct, especially at the elbow. Especially in winter, the accumulated material freezes, causing the air duct to block.

5. The radius of curvature of the elbow of the wood chip conveying pipeline is too small.


1) Control the moisture content of the original material to ensure that the moisture content is 30-50%. The soaked raw materials should be dried with surface water before chipping.

2) To transform the chipping process, the short section below 30 cm should not be used to prevent the generation of large wood chips and the jamming of the fan blades or air duct elbows.

3) The radius of curvature of the duct elbow should be greater than or equal to three times the diameter of the duct, R>3D.

4) Pay attention to check whether there are foreign objects blocked in the sieve hole of the bottom sieve and the air inlet door.

5) The best disc chipper has normal air intake, and the air supply pipe is not blocked, but the material cannot be fed, then check whether the fan impeller is worn and whether the fan speed is normal.