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Brush Chipper Manufacturers china introduces chipper knowledge that you don’t know

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How much do you know about the chipper? The following editor from Brush Chipper Manufacturers china will take you to have a brief look!

A chipping machine includes a casing, a horizontally installed main shaft is arranged in the casing, a knife roller is provided on the outer periphery of the main shaft, and four rows of slicing knife groups are arranged on the outer peripheral surface of the knife roller, and each cutting knife includes The fixed body fixedly installed on the knife roller and the cutter head installed on the end face of the fixed body by the screw, the cutting end surface of the cutter head forms an inner groove, and the inner groove and the edge of the cutting end surface of the cutter head form a blade edge, so The fixed body and the mating installation surface of the cutter head and the cutter roller is an arc surface adapted to the outer peripheral surface of the cutter roller, and the cutter roller is provided with a blanking net, and a gap is formed between the blanking net and the slicing knife group The slicing knife set of the knife roll is fitted with a fixed bottom knife assembly, the bottom knife assembly is located on the feed side of the chipper, and an inlet is provided between the inlet of the casing and the bottom knife assembly Material conveying device.
In summary, the editor of Brush Chipper Manufacturers china tells: a brief introduction to the relevant little knowledge about chipper.